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Decentraland Event Tutorial

This tutorial provides all required information to join and participate the The first zero-emission Metaverse event.

The tutorial has four parts:

Step 1: How to get a wallet
Step 2: How to get to the venue in Decentraland
Step 3: How to receive your carbon-free proof
Step 4: How to get the NFTs

Get a digital wallet:

For entering Decentraland, you must have a wallet that is integrated into your web browser. Without a wallet, you cannot receive your carbon-free proof! We recommend you use MetaMask. There are many step-by-step tutorials on YouTube that guide you through the full process.

It should finally look like this:


Enter Decentraland

The most direct way to join the event is to follow the deep link. It drops you off right in front of the venue on parcel 66, -48 in Decentraland.  

Let's go step by step:

1) Follow the deep link

2) Decentraland offers two options to join. Since you now have a wallet, chose "Continue with wallet"

3) Select the wallet you have installed. You might need to provide your password and sign a transaction. Just follow the instructions here.

4) Loading Decentraland might take a while... 


5) Once it's done you will be dropped off right in front of the venue. Now get familiar with Decentraland and enjoy the carbon-free event! 

NRverse venue


Our event runs on renewable energies!

Before entering the venue, you need to fill out a questionnaire and provide us with the country you are currently located in. Why? Having your location allows us to determine the required amount of renewable energy we need to claim per visitor and country. The best thing about it, thanks to web3 and blockchain technology this is end-to-end verifiable! Every visitor gets a "carbon-free NFT" as proof. 

questionnaireThe questionnaire

Get your proof!

Right after or even during the event, we will drop you the "carbon-free NFT". To get the NFT, follow these steps:

  1. After the event, the latest next day, visit OpenSea.io
  2. Switch to the Polygon network in your wallet (see here how to set up Polygon in MetaMask). OpenSea.io will now scan the blockchain for your NFTs.
  3. Click on your "profile"
  4. Open the drop-down menu "More"
  5. The carbon-free NFT  is in the "Hidden" items.





Get your wearables!

Before and during the event you have the chance of getting three wearables from us. The black cap is for everyone that does a Metaverse-Selfie before the event. The silver cap is for everyone that enters the event and the golden cap is linked to a small challenge.  

The Black cap:

1) Go to the venue of the event in Decentraland!

2) Make a selfie in front of the building (like the following)!


3) Post the selfie on Twitter with your public key (copy it from your wallet, see below), tag @nr-verse, and leave us a message!


4) In return, we drop you the black cap!


The silver cap: 

You need nothing to do but enter the event and we will drop you our silver cap. It's as easy as that.

The golden cap:

In and around the venue, you will find small windmills (like the one on top of the cap). Collect all of them and we drop you the golden cap!

Get the golden cap


Step 1: Create a MetaMask Account

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Step 2: Go the the event

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