Zero-emission Decentraland event organized by NRverse, MGHDAO, and Moon Bash using renewables energy only

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Jun 24, 2022 10:52:59 AM

NRverse supplies the first green Decentraland event with renewable energies. This bluechip event is the start of a zero-emission Metaverse era. The event is free to join and gathers a strong community of web3 enthusiasts from sustainability, fashion, power, and mobility.

Switching to renewable energy is the best way to reduce Metaverse carbon footprint

The metaverse will constitute the primary energy consumption of the information and communication technology (ICT) sector in the coming decades. Today, companies and individuals are concerned about their digital carbon footprint and seek ways to reduce it. And their concerns are valid: According to Intel, the computation power for the metaverse might increase by factor 1000 of what is required today. Computing power for virtual reality applications, advanced AI, and crypto transactions represent only one part of the electricity consumption. Operating telecommunication networks and end user-related devices are often ignored as well as the manufacturing processes of the hardware components. It is projected that “data center energy usage will double by 2030”.

NRverse offers a scalable solution for corporates and individuals to switch to renewable energies

The best way to avoid these emissions is to switch to renewable energies. Water, wind, solar, and geothermal power plants exist worldwide and produce zero-emissions electricity. NRverse developed a way to connect the electricity consumption of the Metaverse with renewable energies. The concept builds on energy attribute certificates (EACs). EACs are created for every block of electricity coming from a renewable power plant. They represent the legal property rights to the “renewableness” of renewable electricity generation.

Until now, it was cumbersome to get access to EACs, but NRverse developed a fully auditable, blockchain-based concept. We work with energy trading companies with access to renewable energy power plants worldwide. NRverse consolidates EACs and transforms them into NFTs. Companies or individuals can now purchase and redeem NFTs that match their electricity consumption with zero-emission electricity!

To demonstrate the importance of sustainability in the metaverse, NRverse partnered up with the pioneers of open metaverse experiences from the MGH DAO and Moon Bash to provide the visitors with the first-ever, green energy powered metaverse event. The MGH DAO will provide its LANDs and metaverse development expertise to fully design and create the experience. Moon Bash will moderate the event and coordinate the different live performances and giveaways.

The first Decentrand event running on renewable energies demonstrates the way towards a sustainable Metaverse era

Offering zero-emission metaverse events requires calculating the electricity consumption. We determine the real-time electricity consumption of the event as well as the worldwide distribution and cover it with zero-emissions electricity. As proof, all participants get an NFT ticket that traces back to the used renewable energy power plants. Moreover, during the event, participants get a wearable representing their preferred renewable energy source. What seems to be a gimmick serves as a demonstrator for companies and individuals. The consortium wants to raise awareness about the footprint of digital applications and the possibilities of avoiding it by switching to renewable energies.

A diverse program awaits the participants. Besides NFT presentations from our select partners, NFT drops and live music from our Metaverse DJs are planned next to an educative part. NRverse will present their concept accompanied by AMA and explanation videos.

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About NRverse

NRverse, founded by Loic Tilman and Kai Schmied, is a sustainability-focused company providing metaverse decentralized applications, event organizers, and projects with easily verifiable green energy. Decarbonizing your metaverse is the company’s value proposition.

Taking advantage of the potent mix of AI, VR, and blockchain that powers the metaverse, NRverse is working on a proactive green approach rather than a corrective one. Instead of working on capturing the aftermath of indiscriminate fossil fuel use to power decentralized apps, NRverse provides easily accessible and transparent green alternatives to projects at the local level. It achieves this by the real-time calculation of the energy demand of dApps (decentralized apps) and the provision of immutable blockchain-encoded proof that every Kilowatt-hour of electricity is covered by carbon-free renewable electricity.


MGH DAO is the first leading hub for Open Metaverse Experiences, managing metaverse assets, as well as developing metaverse infrastructure and tools. MetaGameHub was created following the premise: Navigating the metaverse together. The DAO focuses on collaborative LAND acquiral and governance, metaverse development and intuitive metaverse dapps such as an NFT price estimation algorithm, a metaverse development SDK, an innovative LAND flipping bot and other MetaFi tools.

About Moon Bash

Moon Bash is the first 360° metaverse service provider for pioneers and early adopters. Their mission is to create memorable metaverse experiences for brands, companies and their communities.

Moon Bash provides the full package from consulting and education for metaverse marketing concepts and event planning to create individual metaverse venues tailored to the ideas and imagination of the customer, as well as providing the booking of experienced metaverse artists and DJs.

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