Meet NRverse!

NRverse brings renewable energies into the metaverse for more sustainability in the web3 realm.


NRverse, founded by Loic Tilman and Kai Schmied, is a sustainability-focused company providing web3 applications with green energy. Decarbonizing the metaverse is our value proposition but our technology is applicable to cryptocurrencies or any web2 application as well.

We speak the language of the traditional energy sector and the new digital economy. Our services cover calculating any digital activity's electricity consumption and the local supply with renewable energy. Our clients get blockchain-based proof that traces back to a single power plant. We leverage blockchain technology for full transparency and trust.


Loïc Tilman


Loïc is a real energy geek: passionate by energy transition and how new technologies can accelerate the transition and bring new business model. As early web3 enthusiast he is also involved in blockchain based new model in the energy sector since years, notably in his role of head of innovation at Elia Group and why he co-foudned Nrverse. In the past he gained extensive experience in energy market with 4 years of power and gas trading at Luminus, Belgian subdiary of the EDF Group, 2 years of expert consulting at McKinsey & Company and more than 4 years at Elia Group innovation team, major European transmission utility.

Loic holds a master in electro-mechanical engineer from Liège University and a master in general management from Louvain School of Management.


Kai neu

Kai Schmied


Kai holds a Master’s degree in Energy Economics & Business Administration from the Dresden University of Technology in Germany. After joining Elia Group International (EGI) in 2014 as a consultant in the field of asset management and power system operations, Kai became an Innovation Manager at Elia Group in 2019, focusing on energy markets and the role of distributed ledger technology. Since 2022 Kai has been Co-Founder of NRverse.